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L'Oréal Infallible More than Concealer

We never had much of L'Oreal concealers here, at least in the drugstores I visit most often, so this immediately caught my attention when I saw it on the stand. I'm always hoping for a liquid formula that would be similar to Bourjois Radiance Reveal or Maybelline the Eraser in a pale enough shade (by the way I just found it! It's the new Maybelline Eraser shade 00 Ivory), but this is another one in a long line of full coverage formulas just like five similar concealers I have. This is the concealer with the highest coverage I know in our drugstores.

Texture and coverage: Formula is the thickest concealer I've tried and I think it's also one most high-covering one, sharing its place with the Saem which doesn't come in such pale shades as L'Oreal's. Compared to other similar concealers, including Saem, it's harder to blend, though it's got its good days and bad days, as on some days it looks very heavy and on some days it looks ok. I haven't made the connection what influences the application as I've always used the same skin care under it and foundation choice also wasn't the cause. It likes to crease under the eyes and definitely emphasises lines, so it's not my favourite formula, however, it covers a lot. Finish is satin matte. This is formula best used for covering small imperfections like spots, while for larger areas I prefer Look by Bipa and Essence Camouflage + Glow, though they have slightly less coverage.

I just applied it in the triangle under the eyes and nose. You can see where the application ends and the slight piling at the top edge of the cheeks, which is another occasional problem with this formula.

I took the before-after pictures twice, the second time without the extra L'Oreal makeup I was testing at the same time. I think it's obvious here how heavy this can look and emphasises the texture of the skin, but like I said, this has its good and bad days.

Staying power: As is usual for such concealers, it manages to lasts well on the skin and actually it manages to look better after application, less obvious, it's just that it worsens the look of the lines that's the problem.

Shade: I got the shade 326 Vanilla, which based on the numbers might not even be lightest in the range, but it's very surprisingly light enough for me. In fact it's one of the lightest ones I have (beaten only by the Eraser 00 Ivory and Nars Chantilly, none pictured above because I just one The Eraser and Nars' is empty) and the lightest with a yellow undertone, which isn't my perfect fit, but it blends in because my skin tone is neutral.

Packaging: The applicator is huge, similar to the applicator on Deborah Extra Cover foundation and I was excited to try it, but I'm not loving it. The product collects on the tip, so you don't have the benefits of a large applicator, which actually doesn't bother me, but it's very hard to use it for more precise concealing.

Price and availability: It costs 10.99 €. I think DM has the largest selection of shades, since I've seen 4 or 5 colours, while I've only seen two colours in Müller.  

More than Concealer is not my favourite because it's quite a thick and heavy formula even compared to its competition, but it does cover a lot, which will be a big plus for some and I have to give praise to L'Oreal for having such a pale shade (and actually selling it here). I don't need a lot of coverage and I resent it makes my lines look so much worse, so I'd pick Essence's high coverage formula over this one from the selection in our drugstores, but that's just my choice. 

Have a great day!

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